Understanding the Basics of Vaping CBD

CBD is known for its bad reputation a long time ago.  But these days are different.  CBD has earned and showed people that its existence has a purpose in human lives and it must be shared.


Vaping CBD is an act of inhaling the CBD vapor produced by a vaporizer.  Prior to its vapor phase, CBD is either seen in a liquid or solid form.

Why consider vaping CBD?

Different reasons are seen as the purpose of utilizing CBD.  The top 3 are as follows.

  1. Vaping CBD allows faster bioavailability.

Bioavailability is defined as the percentage of food content or nutrient, in this case it’s CBD, that will enter your systemic circulation and finally affect your body.  Bioavailability of CBD is dependent on the manner by which it is introduced to your system – either thru ingesting or vaping.

Vaping vs Ingesting

Ingesting CBD.  Once ingested, CBD would have to go through your digestive tracts then thru the liver before finally reaching your blood circulation. As it passes thru the liver, chemical reactions already occurred reducing the concentration of the compound that is bioavailable for your body.  Another negative effect if the substance is ingested is that significant amount of it is being accumulated into your fatty tissues therefore cutting the quantity of CBD that is needed on other body parts.

Vaping CBD.With vaporization, CBD does not have to pass thru the digestive system, reducing its exposure to chemical reactions.  Instead, the substance enters your lungs and is circulated directly into your bloodstream.  This results to 50-60% bioavailability of CBD.  Effects of the substance are also felt 1 hour faster than simply ingesting it.

  1. Vaping CBD is known for its health benefits.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties. Research and documentations showed the healing power of this substance especially for nerve and muscle inflammation.
  • It has relaxing effects which reduces stress to those taking it on a watchful concentration.
  • Small amount of CBD provides heart health, reducing hypertension and lowers level of cholesterol
  • It has been used as treatment for neurodegenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.
  • Vaped CBD offers fast relief of migraine and nausea.
  1. Vaping CBD is regulated.

One might not think this is a negative concern but thru regulation, companies producing and selling vapes and its derivatives are registered therefore making them legitimate suppliers.  Legitimacy comes with proper documentation and with that, you would always know where to get back if something not good happens.  Also, not only the suppliers are real but the products they are selling are guaranteed to be of quality as well.

Two Styles of Vape

There are four basic components of a vape – an atomizer (a heating element that causes vaporization), a mouthpiece, a chamber to hold the material to be vaped and a battery.  From here, we can focus on the two styles of vape.

  1. Pen-style. It contains a chamber with a metal heating coil at the bottom.  Concentrated amount of CBD isolate is placed directly on the coil which is then vaporized.

*Advantage: Ideal for someone who has never smoked

*Disadvantages:  Coils used for pens must be replaced from time to time especially when it burns out.

There is a chance of contamination and inhalation of metal nanoparticles as the coil breaks down and oxidized.

Use of flavored additives and impure CBD leaves residue on the coil causing it to oxidize faster.

  1. Tank Style. This consists of CBD, e-liquid, flavorings, mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.  The idea is to get the e-liquid absorbed by the coils by wrapping the latter with a cotton, nylon or silica wick.

*Advantage:Ideal for tobacco users.

*Disadvantage:  The whole set up will be useless once the coil and wick burn up because of improper use.

Potential Health Risks of Metals Inhalation When Vaping CBD

As mentioned above for pen-style vapes, metals in heating coil are turned into nanoparticles as it oxidized.  Fortunately for smokers, there’s a negligible amount of metals that is being acquired from this phenomenon.  However, this gives metal exposure to those who are non-smokers.  In order to minimize this risk, always look for a quality supplier of vape and its material.

Different Products that You Can Vape

There are various types of products for vape use that you can choose from.  However, you must take note that the intention is for vaporization only and the concentrations fall on the category that is regulated by the law.  Otherwise, consumption may lead to health hazards.

  1. CBD vape oil e-liquids

These items are ready to use in most set ups of vaporizer tanks as well as cigarettes.  These typically contain blends of PG/VG, flavoring and CBD. E-liquids range from concentrations of 100mg to 1,000mg per 30ml bottle are available in the market.

  1. CBD vape additives

These substances can be combined with any e-liquid so that CBD is infused to flavors.  Others choose to vape these directly in an e-cigarette or tank style vapes.

  1. CBD isolate

This product can be seen either in slab form or powder form and is 99% pure crystalline CBD.  This is ideal for pen style vapes since impure CBD may hastened oxidation of the coils.

  1. CBD concentrates

Typically, this is just a CBD combined with terpenes (a substance that is infused in CBD to achieve a product that could be used for vaporization).

The Ideal Temperature for Vaping CBD

Cannabis starts to vaporize around 175ᵒC (347ᵒF) however, only small amount can be inhaled at this temperature.  Increasing the temperature to 230ᵒC (446ᵒF) produces tripled amount of cannabis.

Allergic Reactions on CBD e-liquid

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the two main chemical components of CBD e-liquid.  These components are typically present in our everyday lives making us immune to them.  However, there are still individuals that may have sensitivities to these substances causing them to have nausea and head ache upon exposure.

Final Note

Vaping CBD is an act that should be done by an adult owning full accountability on whatever effects he/she may experience.  Obviously, positive outcomes are expected if CBD is used properly.